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DynaStudy's founders created and launched the first DynaNotes student course notes to Texas schools in January 2006. Our message was simple:

  • Students can get off the downward "I-don't-know-this-I'm-stupid" spiral and onto the upward "progress-effort-progress-effort-..." spiral with the right support.
  • For many students, the easy-to-use DynaNotes can stand in as that support much of the time, freeing up the teacher to work with those who need more than a terminology reminder or a few examples of application.
  • At year's end, these same students have something easy to study that they have become familiar with, and, more importantly, most actually do -- what a difference in test scores when students choose to study!

Demand grew as students and teachers both reaped the benefits of having comprehensive, concise, colorful, organized notes that accurately addressed Texas' tested curriculum. DynaStudy became the leading provider of student course notes to Texas' schools.

Effective Learning Centers

Middle School WB Reference Notes

Focusing on Built-in Student Feedback

DynaStudy's next evolution was activities with built-in reteaching mechanisms to give students timely and effective feedback to correct misunderstandings or misapplications.

Culminating in comprehensive TEKS-aligned intervention programs, DynaNotes activities are uniquely designed:

  • Logical, step-wise acquisition and extension of concepts and skills
  • A variety of activities and formats (whole group, small group, independent) to hold student interest and provide a wide range of interactive and independent learning opportunities
  • Detailed student answer keys and exemplars to enable peer- or self-led corrections

It's hard to imagine the usefulness of a math activity book answer key that shows one way to set up and solve each problem, line-by-line, until you have one to easily print and give your students!

A Parent Option

grade 5 science at home learning study aid

Reaching Students in Today's World

DynaStudy is a niche publisher focused on serving Texas' public schools. Thus, professional DynaNotes publications were never before offered directly to students and their families. However, as schools have shifted to digital learning, the need for DynaNotes has increased along with challenges to their provision by schools. We sought new ways to reach students where they are. The format and ease of access may surprise you.

Trying to reach today's students? The first answer you may think of is Go Digital. That's what we thought, too. However, from late 2012 to 2015, DynaStudy's mobile and web apps taught us this: students want physical notes in hand that they can highlight, write on, and look at while their screen remains on their assignments.

So we've made it easy for students and their families to buy and download a personal PDF that they may print at the DynaNotes Personal site. If your school cannot provide DynaNotes to your students, consider recommending these powerful, proven tools directly to parents.