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Section Titles
Section titles appear over a consistent color bar and directly describe the contents. Each section covers one or more student expectation.

Readiness Indicator
The red “CR” icon on a title bar means at least one of the concepts in that section has been linked to college and career readiness (and is therefore likely to be tested).

Graphic Organizers
Tables, diagrams, flow charts, and other graphic organizers help clearly communicate ideas, categories, relationships, order, and more (which allows fewer words, too).

Not only does color add meaning to various graphics and texts (which allows fewer words, too), but color has also been shown to increase retention and recall — even if the color adds no meaning to the document. DynaNotes are colorful both to maximize instruction and to create as inviting and memorable a treatment as possible.

Text Organization
Sections and content within a section are logically organized (not alphabetically organized like a glossary or vocabulary list) to maximize student understanding of particular concepts and the big picture. Text is presented more graphically as opposed to in sentences and paragraphs to minimize words and provide clear, concise explanations and examples of the student expectations.

Academic Vocabulary
Required vocabulary for the course is consistently shown in bold color or is found in bold table entries. This helps students locate vocabulary and makes them aware of a term’s importance. For many students, the only time they will be exposed to academic vocabulary is in the classroom, which makes vocabulary support especially helpful.

Word Choice
While required terminology is always used, generally the remaining word choice is as simple as possible (“lowest lexile” in educational terms). Per Mark Twain, “Don’t use a five-dollar word when a fifty-cent word will do.”

Examples are critical for clarifying the content and also giving students an idea of how they will be expected to apply it. Examples are consistently shown in shaded example boxes or are found in identified table entries. Many examples contain images to further clarify the concept, increase interest, and improve recall.

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Grade 6 Math Intervention Program

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